Interesting Thread on Claimed 'Unintended Acceleration' Incident

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Wed Jun 20 16:27:37 EDT 2007

I think he's genuine and legit and even though he may not have
panicked when it happened, his actions now are of a panicky nature in
calling AoA and the NHTSA.

After all, we're talking about a 15-year old vehicle, thousands of
models of which were sold and if there were a manufacturing problem,
it would be known now.

So I jumped into ETKA and started checking out the throttle body and
engine vacuum system of the model and posted a fairly straightforward,
just the facts please, sort of response.

The cruise control system is entirely isolated from engine vacuum.

The gas pedal is the only mechanical control of the throttle.  It
doesn't even appear to have that little dashpot that rises to meet a
closing throttle.

But it does have some weird vacuum system stuff.  A "suction pump" and
an EGR valve (I know, not wierd), and some other do-hicky I forget
now.  But for some massive introduction of air to cause anything
resembling full engine power, you've got to have the ECU calling the
shots and that reliese on the TPS.  If you just open the intake tract
to air, you got unmetered air and then engine stalls, or nearly so.
If something is forcing air into the intake tract under pressure,
without input from the TPS (he claims in a response to my message the
throttle pedal was not on the floor) I don't think the ECU is going to
deliver appropriate fuel and timing to get full power.

Bottom line is there's not much hope in diagnosing this from a
keyboard.  He seems bent on having "big brother" fix it for him and I
think he'll be thoroughly disapppointed in that pursuit.  Even if not,
he's going to be out a ton of money to have a professional diagnose


On 6/20/07, cobram at <cobram at> wrote:
> Be nice, all he states is that he's an "engineer."  When he's not
> skydiving he's in his dads' basement going "choo, choo" with the Lionels
> and his engineer hat.
> We come into the world naked, screaming and covered in blood. Why should
> the fun end there?
> <louis-alain.richard at> writes:
> > me too, when I see that someone puts its credentials upfront to
> > proove
> > something, I always take this as a hoax. This is the rule number 1
> > to add
> > credibility, like "Microsoft announce today that this virus....".A
> > big name,
> > a big job, scientific knowledge...
> >
> > Louis-Alain
> >
> >
> >
> > >
> > >Oh wait, false alarm, folks.  He's not an idiot- he's a skydiving
> > >engineer, which makes him an expert.  We'd better run right out
> > and
> > >pull all the '92 100S's off the roads RIGHT NOW!
> > >
> > >*slaps forehead*
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