Gas Mileage

John Cassidy jcassidy at
Thu Jun 21 11:50:29 EDT 2007


I've had 2 Coupe Quattros (wife's daily drivers).  Neither of them ever
got anything close to decent gas mileage.  24mpg highway, 18 city at
best , always on 91 octane and driven conservatively.  We went around
the world on O2s, plugs, hoses, injectors, air filters, Mobil 1/Redline,
blah blah blah, with only microscopic improvements.  Both cars always
seem gutless to me, but she attributes that to me driving turbos.  When
the first one was rear ended, I looked far and wide to find an alternate
replacement, but she loves the AWD, seats, hatch, ect., and only a CQ
would do.

12mpg means something is amiss, but you have a heavy, softly sprung,
underpowed pig that will never be an economy car!

John Cassidy
($3.40 per gallon makes one bitter)

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