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Great, handy tool.  Bear in mind not only the obvious (tires wear), but also
the fact that not every manufacturer's tires are exactly the same.  In other
words, a particular Bridgestone 225/45-17 tires wouldn't actually measure
the same as a Nokian 22/45-17 tire, even when new.  Hoosier's dirty little
secret:  Not only do they have very square shoulders for widest footprint,
but their tires are often 10-15mm wider than marked.  Good way to get more
rubber if the rules limit you to "OE size."

Mark Rosenkrantz

On 6/25/07, cobram at juno.com <cobram at juno.com> wrote:
> had posted a URL of an
> online speedo compensation table or calculator a while back.  Anyone
> still have the url?  It would calculate the RPM (Revolutions Per MILE) of
> the OEM tire vs. larger tire and give the speedo error.
> http://www.geocities.com/cobramsri/
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