Alternator ailments

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Thu Jun 28 09:38:17 EDT 2007


I would definitely check the exciter wire at the splice near the RF 
headlight. On both of my T44s, I replaced this with a solid weatherprof
crimp. Also measure voltage on the alternator ans starter posts. One of my 
cars had a large drop across these cables and I ended up replacing the one 
from the alternator to the starter. Cleaning the terminal connections may 
help also.


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> Finally got a chance to test my charging system that started acting up while we were in Columbus, OH, over the weekend but managed to get us home.
>  With the engine off, the battery reads 12.5 volts.  Same reading for the positive terminal post under the hood.
>  With the engine running at idle (voltmeter in car reading ~12), the reading with my multimeter is 12.17 at both the battery and the jump post.  I presume that means the regulator ain't regulating properly, but the dreaded wiring "weld" in the passenger footwell is passing on its voltage without any resistance.
>  Is it possible the "exciter" circuit (blue wire) would be the culprit?

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