Speak up, Mr. Bose

Christopher G. Mason njroadfan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 13:44:09 EDT 2007

Its the amps, I had similar noises before they failed completely on my
old 1990 Maxima. If they are like any other early BOSE system, the amp
is likely mounted on the speakers. I removed the speaker unit and had
a local stereo shop that was a BOSE authorized repair center rebuild
the amp for about $75 back in 2000. Do not buy a replacement amp off
of ebay, they are apparently equalized according to the car and
speaker position it is installed in and they won't sound right. Yes,
the point of failure is indeed the caps, BOSE got a bad batch during
the early 90s and it affected all of their OEM systems regardless of
the make or model of car. I think they eventually corrected the
problem by 93-94 or so.

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