thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 12:17:20 EST 2007

hey if it's a good car and you've thrown lots of $ into it and it's in
otherwise in great shape, fix it!

either way it's kind of a maintenance issue - given enough mileage the turbo
and hg will need replacement. it's also a great opportunity to upgrade, if
that's your thing. if you want to save $ and diy, swap the turbo and see
what happens. that'll only cost you a few hours. a known good turbo would be
cheap as well. or pull the turbo and have it looked at by a rebuilder?

and couldn't the cooling system hold pressure even if the HG is blown
internally - aka leaking from oil to coolant passages but not leaking to the
outside world [which would be an obvious diagnosis] ?

that may be a dumb question, the caffeine is still matriculating to my

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