she starts, she won't run - 1990 200QA (very long) - update 6. Time to sell?

David Michael adavidmichael at
Tue Mar 6 14:08:39 EST 2007

So, its either a blown turbo seal or a blow head gasket. Either way its
gonna be 10 hours to R&R. In which case matter whats wrong, it'll
realistically cost a minimum $2000 to fix. I would do it if we still needed
the car, but as I mentioned, we have already bought replacement (wretched as
it is). So unless I decide instead to get rid of the MCS or M3/4, the I am
coming to the very sad realization that the  Audi has to go.

Any idea how to figure the worth of a 220QA MC2 10V that needs a new head
gasket or Turbo? Everything DID work. New clutch (0 miles), new windshield
(300 miles). A/C, handbrake etc all work. It has Euros and a wiring harness,
which I suspect double the value of the car......(shades of the Yugo with a
full tank of gas  joke).

Dave, who is bummed

On 3/4/07, David Michael <adavidmichael at> wrote:
> Well, the saga continues.
> I spend many hours running various diagnostics on the car to figure out
> what the mechanic did to it it make it run so badly. Many thanks to Ben
> Swann with whom I exchanged many PM regarding the various tests. He has been
> very helpful and very patient.
> But it is all somewhat for naught. The car has either  a blown head gasket
> or blown turbo bearings. While running, it blows great clouds of bluish
> white (mostly white)  smoke out the tailpipe. It also has a coating
> of  "foamy whitish milk chocolate" oil film on the inside of the tailpipe. I
> would conclude it's a blown head gasket EXCEPT that I just pressure tested
> the cooling system  and it held 15psi pressure for over two hours with no
> decrease in pressure. The smoke starts immediately  - the  cooling system
> need not build pressure.
> I took some video of the smoke and goo - is there  a good Audi site where
> I could post them?
> No matter what is wrong, I will need to decide if I am going to fix it, or
> sell the car as is. Of course fixing would require finding a competent
> mechanic, since do not have the time to either the HG OR turbo....I am very
> bummed - Its been my wifes daily driver for over 10 years, and we've put
> 100k miles on it....
> But, it looks like its time to move on.......
> Dave
> 90 200A 220K Badly mistreaded
> 98 M3/4 92K
> 02 MCS 32K
> 07 EXL 4WD 0.227 K

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