ID this URQ.

frank j. bauer frankbauer at
Thu Mar 8 00:59:15 EST 2007

that "1" symbol is treser as is the cowcatcher-looking front airdam and 
the dish/turbofin wheels.
i've seen contemporary body kits/wheels on the 4kq and 5kq as well.
of the 3, the 4kq probably pulled it off best.
treser was a usa dealer option in 85 & 86.
the steering wheel was cool...

cobram at wrote:
> Was looking through (for the umpteenth time) the excellent pics taken by
> Mark Besso at Ingolstadt.  Wondering whether anyone knows if this car:  
> is a Kamei, ABT, Tresser or ??? version.  
> Just curious, personally I prefer the stock version.
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