anyone ever sawzalled the roof off your CGT?

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Fri Mar 9 13:58:29 EST 2007

I did exactly this to a 100LS 2-door in high-school. Instantly doubled the
value ;-) We used a jaws-of-life, though. The structure was fine. after a
summer of spirited driving, the doors still functioned properly. However, we
also did this to a friends 4-door caddy, and the doors never opened again.
They were both cheap and fun cars, though.

As for the real conversion, it was done by tresser to an UrQ in the '80's.
It had a propper folding cloth top. I think it looked terrible with the top
up, though.

Tony Hoffman

On 3/9/07, JordanVw at <JordanVw at> wrote:
> just wondering if anyone has ever made their car into a fair weather
> convertible..
> i did this with a rabbit i had a few years ago.. sawzalled  the roof off
> of
> it and drive it around like that for a summer   instant cheap convertible!
> and yes the frame held intact..

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