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There are probably a lot more qualified on the list than I, but I can
give you personal experience from the 1.8t and the 2.8 that I've owned.

My 2.8 I sold w/215k and I still see it running around town. 

Both suffer from the front links going bad. Very expensive to have a
shop do it. The parts aren't cheap either.

Timing belt, depending on how many miles you drive and whether you do
your own work to that degree - can become exceedingly expensive at $1k +
each change.

I think the 2.8 especially had dangerously positioned and very weak oil
pans. This will depend on the type of roads you travel - 

Mirrors tend to stain.

Had a persistent problem with my power steering in the 2.8 (1998) -
changed lines, pumps and rack - problem re-occurred - never failed, just

Other than that - both were a nice balance between sport and comfort.

Vittorio -

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In the next day or so I'm going to be looking at a 99 a4 with the 1.8t 
(186k)and a 98 a4 v6 (90k). Both are 5spd. The 1.8 is cheaper because of
miles. Could someone give me an idea of the plus and minuses of either
I've owned type 44's but nothing this new.
Thanks for the advise,

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