First Audi, First Post

John Melon john at
Tue Mar 13 19:50:23 EDT 2007

Hello All,

I'm a first-time poster and just purchased my 1st Audi... a1986 5kCStq. 
It is going to need some work and I can't wait to pick it up this Friday.
I've also waiting delivery on an original Bentley Service Manual. My 
first question is this:

Since it's got slight body damage to the LF fender and I'll be 
purchasing lenses anyway, I thought I'd swap to the European headlights 
with the clear corners. The only one's I've seen so far are listed as 
fitting "/Audi 100 & 5000 1986-1991(all non-turbo models)/". Is there 
really a difference in this application between turbo and non-turbo 
models, or is this just the model they originally came equipped and 
interchange is possible?

Thank you in advance.


John Melon <>

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