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Welcome to the fray.

And yes, there is a difference between turbo lights and aspro (100/5000S)

Probably easiest to take a quick gander at the Audiworld model descriptions
(pull down menus) to see the difference. Your turbo car would require
like an 89 200 or later (thinnish retangles, with two bulbs/lamp), the
normally aspirated
cars use a taller trapazoidal shaped lamp that would also require
retrofitting a
grille from the normally aspirated cars. They are single bulb/lamp and hence
don't have
quite the lighting performance.

For sources, you may want to try PG Performance in Vancouver, BC (sorry,
don't have
the website addy, someone on this list will) as a start. As far as I know,
they should be
able to get either type of lamp. Just be prepared for the ride down the
slippery slope,
they are rather pricey.


On 3/13/07, John Melon <john at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm a first-time poster and just purchased my 1st Audi... a1986 5kCStq.
> It is going to need some work and I can't wait to pick it up this Friday.
> I've also waiting delivery on an original Bentley Service Manual. My
> first question is this:
> Since it's got slight body damage to the LF fender and I'll be
> purchasing lenses anyway, I thought I'd swap to the European headlights
> with the clear corners. The only one's I've seen so far are listed as
> fitting "/Audi 100 & 5000 1986-1991(all non-turbo models)/". Is there
> really a difference in this application between turbo and non-turbo
> models, or is this just the model they originally came equipped and
> interchange is possible?
> Thank you in advance.
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