First Audi, First Post

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Tue Mar 13 22:28:59 EDT 2007


Well, welcome to the list. Always glad to see new Audi owners/listers. What
is your previous ownership/auto maintenance experience?

Glad you are getting the Bentley. It is absolutely necessary, in my opinion.

LL covered the lights, also check Ebay. I buy/sell a lot of parts there.
Have bought three different pairs of euros there. Blau in WI also sells them
new, but somewhat pricey as well.

I've been in cars with both types of euros. The single bulb ones are much
better than stock (which are also single bulb), but the twin bulb units have
even better high beams.

Tony Hoffman

> I'm a first-time poster and just purchased my 1st Audi... a1986 5kCStq.
> Since it's got slight body damage to the LF fender and I'll be
> purchasing lenses anyway, I thought I'd swap to the European headlights
> with the clear corners.
> John Melon

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