[urq] Sick Feeling - Engine not engaging trans.

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Thu Mar 15 14:49:41 EDT 2007


I don't see how that would have happened, but that could cause this apparent

Seems like it is going in gear fine, but I will test the manual engagement.


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Bummer. Is the clutch pedal feel ok?  The only thing I can think  of from a 
clutch standpoint is that your TOB slid off and got jammed on the end  of the 
TOB sleeve, causing a disengaged clutch all the  time. Beg/borrow/steal a bore

scope.   There should be no  difference between the 5ktq trans and the urq 
trans in terms of actual  fitment.  The 200 FW is a bolt on, not sure on the
interchangeability,  I certainly would think it should be the same. I would 
think even if it's  slipping but close, with all the wheels in the air, you 
should see spin if it's  in gear.  This sounds to me more like the trans isn't

fully in a given  gear.  Try popping the linkage off and put it in gear at the

trans  ball.   Only 1 think worse than doing an urq trans....
Cheers and HTH
Scott Justusson
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benswann at comcast.net writes:
As I am getting near firing the new MC engine in  my Ur Quattro with '87 5ktq
trans. I found as I turn the engine by hand  (tightening the harmonic pully
bolt.) that the engine does not seem to be  engaging the trans properly.  I
tried the various gears including  reverse.  All seem to be engaging properly 
at least by feel.  But  the wheels and shafts don't turn, as if the clutch is
depressed.  Now  I'm depressed.

History - transmission was working perfectly from '87 5ktq  avant and had new
fluid before removal.  Using 200 flywheel, pressure  plate with a 5000 disk.  
compared the 5000 disk to 200 disk and they  are the same in dimension and
appearance.  I had tested the axles were  turning before putting in the car,
but now after being put in car, it won't  engage.

Any ideas?  I hope I don't have to pull it all out again -  especially since I
don't know what would be wrong.  I've used this  clutch combination before 
MC engine and NG engine, so didn't expect any  problem.


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