[urq] Info on old school Quattro Rallye car?

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Vw Porsche mag has it reviewed in Dec 85 issue.  I'll also note that  it ran 
quite well, and was in the time hunt for the Pikes Peak Hillclimb win  with 
the quattro sport, but had a DNF.  It was quite successful in other US  rallies 
at the time however, and I remember looking at it close up as a SCCA  
scrutineer back in the day (Mike P would've liked the 850 rochester carb plopped  on 
top of the Millen RX7 I suspect).  As I was just refreshing a paruse  thru my 
audisport library, I remember several references to this twin motor golf  rally 
car, I'll see if I can refind.
Scott Justusson
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Max, I'm not sure they ever *did* get the  throttles to sync up properly, 
which may have 
been part of the  problem.  I've fantasized about what one might be able to 
do with modern  
feedback and control electronics, but it's beyond me!

There is also  the story of John Cooper having built a twin-engined Mini.  
I'm not sure  how 
well any of it is documented, but supposedly it nearly claimed his life  
while testing on a 
rain-soaked road course.


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Car and Driver sponsored and  wrote up on two of these vehicles:  A  twin
engine civic, and a  twin engine VW golf.  The twin engine golf was a  rally 
and  also competed in Pikes Peak (very fast but DNF).


Scott J
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the VW Iitis? or was that just a  commercial  off-road vehicle?

On 3/16/07, Kent McLean  <kentmclean at comcast.net>  wrote:
> Max Wellhouse  wrote:
> > Listees:  I  remember as a young man reading a  foreign car mag article
> > on an  Audi rallye car that had an  engine in the back and an engine in
> > the  front and separate  shifters for each transmission.  It apparently
>  > kicked  butt in whatever events it competed in.  I guess back
>  >  then(70's?) it was somewhat of an engineering marvel to get both
>   > throttles to be in sync.
> >
> > Does anyone else  recall  this vehicle and have any further info on it?

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