1990tqa 200

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It shuts off above 20 mph. Where in NH are you?

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Hi - all:


I just bought this car and I'm starting to learn a little about it.
Apparently Audi thought it would be a good idea to put a speed sensor on
the locking diff, I assume in order to preserve the mechanics in case of
cockpit error?


We just had  a snow storm here in NH, a good one :-), had a ball last
night (in the WRX)...however, in getting the Audi out of the driveway
this morning, after setting the diff lock, it quickly became apparent
how useless it can be as you start to spin up the tires. As your wheel
spin surpassed 15mph, click - off goes the diff lock :-(.


Has anyone deleted the speed sensor auto-off feature? Beyond the issues
in running w/diff locks on, on tarmac for extended periods, are there
any negatives that might result in deleting the auto-off feature?


Thanks !


Vittorio -

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