[urq] Info on old school Quattro Rallye car?

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vw porsche magazine December 1985
A2 Golf dual engine rally car
Scott Justusson 
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I recall that as being an A2 VW Golf based car.  Basically had 2 FWD
powerplants running, and the throttles were mechanical, so it was just a
matter of the right lengths and pulleys.  There must be some info out there
on it.  Check back issues of European Car.  I'm recalling 8V powerplants,
but might've been 16V units.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On 3/16/07, Kent McLean <kentmclean at comcast.net> wrote:
> Max Wellhouse wrote:
> > Listees:  I remember as a young man reading a foreign car mag article
> > on an Audi rallye car that had an engine in the back and an engine in
> > the front and separate shifters for each transmission.  It apparently
> > kicked butt in whatever events it competed in.  I guess back
> > then(70's?) it was somewhat of an engineering marvel to get both
> > throttles to be in sync.
> >
> > Does anyone else recall this vehicle and have any further info on it?
> My faded memory recalls a twin-engine car, but I think it was a VW,
> not an Audi.
> Googling finds these:
> http://www.cartorque.co.za/0118.htm
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen (racing beetle)
> http://www.driversfound.com/scirocco/history/bimotor/
> http://members.fortunecity.com/wibmerpeter/sahara/sahaeng1.htm (jetta)
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