found a u-joint for the prop shaft

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Sorry, I got more information about the u-joint. Before I actually received the part, I got too excited and jumped the gun. I posted any and all information that I have. Here is the link. Here is also the upc off the box it came in.

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This is extremely useful information.  We have a serious gap in the
knowledge base regarding this part replacement.
What we really need is a part number though.
Do you still have the part box? Is there a number on the box?
Do you have the receipt? Maybe we can cross reference from the FLAP p/n to
Mogul p/n.
Who did you get it from? Maybe they can tell you how they cross referenced

The part itself should have a part number on it. Sometimes the part number
is laser etched on the steel and the numbers are faint and difficult to see.

Do you have the Suzuki part number? Maybe we can cross reference it that



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Subject: found a u-joint for the prop shaft
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ohh yeah, after looking so long, finally found it. It fits a 99-05 suzuki
grand vitara. Cost. $26.34. It is serviceable, but the grease zirk is on the
end of one of the caps, not in the center. Just picked it up today, I didn't
see a part number, but it's made by federal mougal. It is the exact same in

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