Engine cut-out, spikey idle and other weirdness...

Tigran Varosyan tigran at tigran.com
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The only reason that I pulled the covers from the motor was because the
engine started acting out. 

How much is a VAG reader and where do I get one? What all can it show and

My 3000GT in all years has the coolest reader called a pocketlogger that
runs around $150. You hook this thing to a PamlPilot or laptop and it can
read and record any 12 of the 30+ parameters monitored by the ECU, shut off
individual injectors (for troubleshooting) test various solenoids and
read/reset engine codes... I don't suppose that anything this cool exists
for the Audi...

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bummer. agreed on the post that you likely bumped something removing covers.
unplug and plug all the engine connectors. hit em with a little silicone
dilaectric grease while youre at it.

#1 Where is the MAS?

MAF is what it's usually referred to, no?  it's in the airbox on the 1.8,
likley same on 2.8. hunt the audiworld archives for pics.

#2 What should I use to clean it?

residue-free electronics cleaner should do it. ive hit mine [crc brand you
can get at kragen] a few times. doesn't seem to make any difference, but my
maf is ok.

if the maf is bad it SHOULD throw codes, altho there are lots of stories
about cars acting up due to maf issues and not throwing codes. im skeptical
of that but..

#3 Just for curiosity - is this car drive-by-wire (where the ECU opens and
> closes the throttle plate based on a sensor attached to the gas pedal) or
> does it still have a physical cable connecting the gas pedal to the
> throttle
> plate?

nah its a throttle cable. dbw wasnt until 01 i think. first step would be to
check all the electrical + vaccum connections to make sure you didnt unseat

i would also  get the ecu scanned.  it can throw failure codes w/out the CEL
coming on. IME my a4 is very good about throwing a code when something is

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