Brake upgrade questions

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Sat Mar 24 10:52:43 EDT 2007

If you can swap the G60 calipers on the existing 5000tq G54 caliper
that should work, however the rotors have hats that are for the S4's 35mm
and you 5000 has a 45mm offset, so those won't work. From what I recall,
original rotors, however do work. As for 16"s, no need, the G60's will fit
factory 15"s. To be absolutely certain of the wheel fit, check out Scott
website as there are certain Ronal R8 fitments that
are a tight fit with the brakes (BTDT on my 200), but most of the other
5 x 112 B.C. 15"s are easy fits.


On 3/24/07, cody at <cody at> wrote:
> Ok so I'm preparing to install a BIRA system 3 on an urS4. I was
> wondering about fitment of the urS's old schtuff onto a 5ktq.
> Possible? Easy? Worth it?
> I'm not in a position to spend the kind of money needed to do a proper
> brake upgrade, but since the old urS4 caliper brackets, calipers,
> rotors, et al would be either free or close to it my little lightbulb
> lit up. I'm sure I'd need 16" wheels... I could work on that, maybe
> beg/borrow/steal a set I know of laying arround ;-).
> -Cody Forbes
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