[urq] Ignition switch?

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Sat Mar 24 17:51:16 EDT 2007


There is a spot that you have to drill to release the ignition switch.
Do you have Bentley?  There is a pic with measurements on where to drill the
hole and how big it needs to be.

If you don't I can scan my Bentley and email you the page.

Let me know.

Martin Pajak


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I am truing to replace my ignition switch on the early build 83 URQ, and
having much luck.
I have the entire steering column on the bench and there is no access to
retaining screw. It is all TOTALLY encapsulated in cast aluminum.
I have done this on my later build car and don't remember this at  all.
Any BTDT appreciated. 

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