high performance street tires? ?

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 12:47:17 EDT 2007

I recently did my usual Tire Rack search because I am looking for
summer tires for my CGT.  I have no experience with any of the current
offereings.  I was most impressed by the General Exclaim UHP due to
weight and cost.  The reviews are decent, the specs look good, and the
price is attractive.


On 3/25/07, Tess McMillan <tessmc at drizzle.com> wrote:
> Guys, what is the latest wisdom on high performance street tires in the
> 15" size? I was browsing around on Tire Rack and was confused by the
> dizzying array of brands that don't seem to be the same as the last time
> I went out there...
> Many eons ago I had Bridgestone RE71s on my '88 80. I loved those tires!
> But I didn't have a set of track wheels then and chunked them pretty
> badly. My Alfa friends convinced me to try Yoko AVSis -- but those didn't
> last long either. So I went to the old Dunlop SP Sport 5000s .... but the
> Dunlops picked up nails in all 4 tires just a few months after I bought
> them and I figured that brand had been hexed. I switched to the very cheap
> Kumho Ecsta 712. And even though those tires make driving an "adventure"
> (aka white knuckles, esp. in the rain), I've kept driving them because
> they still had a lot of tread.
> So, the Kumhos have finally worn out. Looking for recommendations on
> 205/50 15s.... Anyone out there still on 15" rims?  Please, no
> recommendations for the lavender-scented tires that Kumho now offers ha
> ha ha.
> Tess
> in Bellevue, WA USA
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