High perfmance street tires

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Mon Mar 26 13:57:32 EDT 2007

Ah, the RE71, the tire of the famed 959...

David Kase
Engineering Manager
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Tess McMillan wrote:

>Geeeeeeeeeeeeez! You guys gave me a huge number of data points to work 
>with. Thank you Eric, Taka, Dave, Kevin, Ameer, LarryL, Mark, Grant, and
>Tony... and I hope I didn't miss someone or overlook a post.
>This is what I tally:
>BF Goodrich KDW (they're not super-gumball tires)
>Sumitomo HTR+, HTRZ cheap/budget choice.
>Yokohama TRZ and Avid H4
>Kumho Ecsta SPT (2 or 3 comments)
>Eagle F1 (of which there appear to be several incarnations)
>Eagle Assurance TripleTred (a sort-of vote)
>Continental Conti Extreme Contact
>I didn't think it was Taka who said this (Taka you did mention KDW), but 
>one of you talked about my old favorite, the RE71, and mentioned a 
>sort-of successor tire. Was that the Potenza RE 750? 
>As usual, I'm always impressed with this community. Thank you THANK you! 
>I'll let the group know what I find and why .... 
>in no-it-doesn't-_usually_-snow-a-lot-but-it-did-dump-some-ice-this-year 
>Bellevue, WA USA

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