[urq] removable support

cody at 5000tq.com cody at 5000tq.com
Thu Mar 29 12:25:33 EDT 2007

Quoting Ben Swann <benswann at comcast.net>:

> The way the engine is presently, it would be nice if I could just slide it
> forward in order to release the transmission.  It would greatly simplify
> things and also make service easier.   Partly it has to do with the clutch
> slave line - I don't think I can undo this another time without   
> destroying it.

I'm way late on this (my PC crashed), but why undo the slave line? I  
always just pop the slave cyl out of the trans and tie it out of the  
way. Muuuuuuccccchhhh easier and of course you don't have to bleed  
when you get it back together. I've only ever pulled the slave line to  
replace either it or the slave cyl.

Oh, and throw away the roll pin that holds the slave in. Replace it  
with a nice tight fitting allen bolt with a lock nut on the other end.

-Cody Forbes

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