[urq] Seat heater element for urQ/Coupe

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 30 18:17:45 EDT 2007

Thanks Tony, Scott and Brandon.

So, if I resume, I need to do the job next fall in front of a NFL game, with
some beer, not too much, and my buns will be warm for as long as the car
will last ?

Now, I guess the element that will be shot will be the bottom one, no ? But
if ETKA is right, it is the same for both bottom and seat back. 

Two more questions : is the right seat swappable to the driver side, for the
time I work on it ? 
And, is it possible to install the height adjusting mechanism from the Coupe
driver seat on the urQ passenger seat ? 

Thanks again, folks 


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> I also did this, but did all the work myself. The seats are actually
> fairly easy to take apart. I also always find another set of seats
> with the same bolsters. I'll explain that in a bit.
> So, you pull the seat apart. Pull the plastic off each side, where the
> bottom meets up with the top. The plastic comes off by pushing each of
> three plastic pins through the plastic. Don't loose them; they are
> color matched to your trim. They are about 1.8" around, should be
> obvious.
> When you get the trim off, there are two clips, one on each side that
> slide off the post. This is ultimately what holds to two halves
> together. Also, on four door seats there is another screw that holds
> the back to the bottom. In two doors, this moves, and operates as the
> seat release. Then, pull the headrest out of the top of the seat.
> There are two clips, one on each side, that simply pull out. This is
> made easier with a 90o pick.
> At this point, you have the two halves of the seat apart.
> Take the top, and at the bottom of it, you will find four or five bent
> over (and very pointy) triangles. Bend them straight, and you can pull
> off both the back and front pieces of fabric. They are separate on the
> bottom two inches or so of the seat. Some of the seats are three
> separate pieces at the front edge. This is mostly the case on the
> Quattro's. At this point, pull the seat fabric upward carefully,
> inside out off the top of the seat. The top plastic holders for the
> headrest will still be in the frame. To pull them, you will have to
> squeeze together the bottom tabs. Depending on the year of the car,
> there are either two of four tabs. You can push the four together
> easiest with a round type of pliers. I usually use the adjustable -
> sliding - type of pliers. Then, you can remove the top fabric
> completely off the seat top.
> Next is the bottom seat fabric cover. Turn the seat over and you will
> see a lot of "bull rings". These are pieces of metal that are shaped
> in a "U" until put into a set of bull ring pliers, or the like. They
> get pushed into a circle, usually around a piece of rod. Bend them
> outward and pull each one off the bottom of the seat. Then pull the
> screws that hold the guide on each side of the seat. When you are
> done, the seat cover will come off. Then you can install the seat
> heaters in the seats.
> This is where the other seats come into play. I usually pull the
> inside foam from the inside of the passenger seat and put it on the
> outside of the drivers seat. I just cut the top of the foam with a
> utility knife, and meet it up with the other foam on top. Same with
> the bottom. If you want you can also cut the bottom foam out in the
> center and replace it with memory foam. I also add a small piece in
> the center on the front. Sort of like the European Recaros in an RS6.
> Then, as they say, assembly is the reverse of disassembly.
> After all that, you have seats that are now good for another 15 or 20
> years.
> I have a set I'm about to do, and will add pics and a more complete
> description in the Knowlege Base. I haven't done this for about five
> years, so I'm sure I'm forgetting some details right now.
> Tony Hoffman
> On 3/29/07, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
> > L-A-
> > My '84 came with heated seats - but they were pretty archaic - one
> > switch on the dash pod, both heaters either on or off - no levels like
> > we have today.  When I swapped those original tan '84 seats for some '83
> > big bolstered dark brown ones with no heaters a few years ago I also got
> > a modern set of heaters - including the 4kq lower binnacle w/ switch and
> > wiring harness.  I had an upholsterer install the new elements in the
> > seats and the newer harness plugged right in, and of course the 4kq
> > lower binnacle (w/ separate 5-leverl switches for driv/pass) bolts right
> > in.  Modern seat heaters!
> >
> > So have at it.
> >
> > Brandon
> >
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> > Hi everyone,
> >
> >
> >
> > My 1983 urQ is now seat-heaterless. I have the old style switch with
> > only the "broil" position.
> >
> >
> >
> > In a moment of genius, when I dismantled the 1986 Coupe GT last fall, I
> > kept both front seats. Maybe I was dreaming of a front gallery with
> > these gray-cloth perchs for beer drinking ? I don't know why, Honey
> > doesn't think it is a good idea. while baby Estelle adores the seats
> > while making vrooooom-vroooom noises.
> >
> >
> >
> > Now, before I attack this job (dismantling the seats), do you think
> > these newer element will work in my old car ? Next question is : will my
> > still nice looking zebra-cloth seats look no so nice after the swap ?
> >
> >
> >
> > Louis-Alain, with a cold bun these days.

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