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Fri Mar 30 21:02:05 EDT 2007

Kyle Ledford wrote:
> You ar correct  I meant rocker panels
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> Kyle Ledford wrote:
>> Can anyone get me the part numbers for the Roll pans down the right and
>> left sides of the 1990 CQ... I was told they are parts and are
>> replaceable.. 
> I've looked through The Family Album, and can't find anything labeled 
> "roll pan".  Can you be more specific?  Are we talking the rocker panels 
> under the doors, which go down the sides? Googling "roll pan" shows them 
> to be more like front/rear valances (under the bumper).

If I read the Family Album right (model: ACOQ, year: 1990, main group 
(MG): 8, subgroup (SG): 3, illustration: 803-15), position 13 (referring 
to the number on exploded diagram) shows "side member, left" as part 
number 895 803 761 A, and "side member, right" as part number 895 803 762 A.

HTH. HIR. (Hope It's Right. :)

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