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> Two more questions : is the right  seat swappable to the driver side, for 
> time I work on it ?  

>>I wouldn't want to try that.  What I would suggest is  getting one (or 
>>two) "scrap" 4k or cgt seats to use while your UrQ  seats are being 
>>worked over.  If the temporary seats are the  newer style and your Ury is 
>>older (or vice versa) you have to swap  the release levers on the bottom 
>>from one side to the other.
IIRC, you can swap seats from PS to DS.  You have to swap the seat  belt to 
the other side, and the tilt is now on the wrong side, but it's  possible.   
the release levers should swap without too much  trouble.  Also note, up to 83 
also uses a different seat belt latch than  the 84> urq/4k/gt

> And, is it possible to install the height  adjusting mechanism from the 
> driver seat on the urQ passenger seat  ? 

Actually, it's doable, I had an urq that had it from a PO reskin/rebuild,  
and one of the cars I work on has it both sides.  IIRC, the mechanism is  
inboard on the PS seat tho, kinda  PITA

>>By the way, the main  reason I was negative about swapping the R seat to 
>>the L side is (off the top of my head) that the seat belt catch and  the 
>>tilt release knob are not "reversible".  Plus, if they were  readily 
>>swappable, we'd have heard of zillions of us doing that to  get good 
>>bolsters on the drivers side.
To get good bolsters, you take the inbound bolster from the PS seat and  
install it on the DS seat.  The seat release pokey is adding trim to the  hole you 
I just took my 85 down to the cow-stitcher boys yesterday, so most of this  
is pretty fresh for me.
L-A, if you are done in 2 games, buy your beer before the game, then the PS  
seat can just stay where it is.
Yes, the elements are usually the same bottom and back.  The backs  usually 
don't go that often...
Scott Justusson

Huw  Powell



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