5ktq speedometer error

Richard J Lebens rick-l at rocketmail.com
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Does an Audi speedometer have a UAF2115 in it?   If so read through this http://forums.pelicanparts.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=332604&perpage=&pagenumber=4

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I know this is a really old topic, but I just noticed that even though the
speedo is 4-5mph over true speed, the trip computer does register pretty close
to the correct speed. I cleared the average speed on the computer, and it
showed 76mph while the speedo showed about 80. So it looks like the offset is
in the speedo only. I wonder how that affects the odometer mileage since it's
part of the speedo. Does anyone know of a VDO gauge specialist? I wonder if it
can be re-calibrated...


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> The speedo on my 5ktq is around 6mph on the high side. In addition, it
> pulses at low RPMs. My suspicion is a bad capacitor somewhere, but I
> really know how these speedos work. Anyone seen this before or have a fix?
>     -Kurt
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