reliability of the allroad? or 2.7T

Grant Lenahan glenahan at
Tue May 1 20:30:35 EDT 2007

Yea, I'll give a longer answer now.

the 2.7 is tremendously tough.  The K03s are delicate, but fine, if you  
use the right oil (M1 0W40, ELF Excellium 5W40, etc), take it easy on  
warm-up, and cool them Down. Trouble is, did the PO do that?

The Allroad had far fewer failures than the S4s too. Why? Not sure. Two  
ideas:  1) much more engine compartment room, hence lower heat.  2)  
less drag strip kids with chips beating the &*%St out of them. My S4  
('00) was quiet as a mouse at 80k, when I sold it.

The allroad is a nice package. A bit soft in steering and suspension,  
but very practical. Note that my definition of "soft" is compared to  
what I actually bought - an S6. I would pay attention to the air  
struts. They are pretty good, btu I would wager expensive to replace,  
and impossible to repair.

Tips are OK behind a non-chipped 2.7. MT6s are typical Audi/VW manuals  
- great.

You might search the archives on the allroad forum at Audiworld.

On May 1, 2007, at 7:33 PM, mike wrote:

> I’ve got a ’99 S4 with that engine. It’s now on 176k
> miles with no problems. It’s had two timing belts,
> water pumps etc but that’s just maintenance. People
> have trouble with the K03s especially on chipped
> engines
> --- JordanVw at wrote:
>> im wondering how the allroads hold up with higher
>> mileage?  is the 2.7T
>> engine pretty  maintenance free aside from 75k
>> timing belt changes, or are they
>> problems with the turbos?
>> these cars are still way expensive (over $10k for a
>> '01 still) im just
>> wondering how they will hold up in a few yrs when
>> they get over 125k mi. and the
>> prices drop.
>> any 2.7T owners out there with horror stories?
>> thanks
>> chris
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