reliability of the allroad? or 2.7T

George Tur getur at
Tue May 1 22:46:38 EDT 2007

Did a bit of research on the Allroads before I bought one a couple of months 
ago. The model years that appear to have some problems are the 2003 and 
earlier, and the problem areas are mainly with the suspension. The air struts 
and in some cases the air compressor itself. The struts are about $400+ 
apeice to replace and the compressor is over $1k to replace. 

The next biggest complaint area is the electronics, malfunctions with the 
cluster, door and alarm mechanism. The 2001 and earlier model had some 
reported problems with the tiptronic transmissions, but the later models 
appear solid. On my Allroad I had a front engine mount go, it's the hydraulic 
type, within the first month, and the secondary air pump (which appears to be 
a common failure), but both items were covered under warranty. From what I've 
read it appears that there are very few engine or turbo problems with the 

The Allroad is a bit soft in it's ride, but it is a pretty comfortable ride 
for the type of commute I do and it's a little more versatile than 2.7 sedan.

George Tur
91 V8

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