gti mileage

Tom Winter tom at
Fri May 4 21:54:47 EDT 2007

Man, given the cost of gas these days, I'm almost wishing I never sold my
'86 4000 csq. That car seemed to average 32 mpg on the highway during the
three years I owned it. Once I went to the tq's, I started to have a heavier
foot on the throttle and lost about 10 mpg on average. Not that my foot had
anything to do with it ;-) I seem(ed) to average between 23-25 mpg on both
my now-sold 5000 tqa's and the S6, and only a bit more on the 100q.

But my smile did get wider once I started rocking the I-5 turbo engines. . .


'95 S6 Avant
'87 5000 tqa (sold)
'89 100q (sold)
'86 5000tqa (sold)
'86 4000 csq (sold, with 32mpg on the hi-way!)
'85 5000 (sold)

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