Fed Up -17 in Tires - Update

Bob Gregory rggpa1 at yahoo.com
Sat May 5 18:24:27 EDT 2007

I've just gotten in from lawn work and walked into a bent R-28 epidemic!  Interesting tidbit from Grant about load rating.  Never would have guessed that.  LIke Brett, I refused to put any more money in the R-28s and found a set of 10-year old C4 Avus 16-in.  Used them this past winter w/WRs and no problem.  They are a little nicked up but fit the look of the car great.  They fit w/o spacers because my pads were about 60% worn.  For next winter, I have a set of "winter pads", that I will have to grind down to fit.  Maybe I'll even touch up the wheels a bit too.

Regarding the degree of bending on my R-28s, several years ago I took the first two of them that bent to Wheel Collision Center in Bath (Allentown) PA.  One could be fixed for $150, and the other had a bend in the back side rim and the hub was twisted relative to the rim!  They weren't sure that one could ever be made right, and if so, it would cost a fortune in labor.  I had paid $139 per wheel from Ronal, and they offered to replace the two for $129 each.  After the next winter, the two replacements were bent, and one more of my original 4 was bent.  Just a note here - I dont't drive like a mad man, am pretty careful to look out for potholes and road patches, and daily drive a regular commute route that I know every bump in.  The few surprises I've hit, seems like everyone else on the road hits them too.

So enough with the R-28s.  The one unbent one is my winter spare and the other 5 are candidates for the smelter.  Or else, I am thinking of offering them to one of those Mobile Wheel Repair franchise guys (I see one getting coffee on the way to work occasionally) to barter for some free wheel service (one of my 17-in Avus has a slight bend).  Also have a set of 15-in 5-spoke cab/B4 wheels that need work.  Hate to just pitch the R-28s but won't put a cent more into them.  Maybe the repair guy can fix them and sell them, and fix my wheel(s) free?  Worth a try.  The other option is take them to a recycler - aluminum was 22 cents a pound last I looked.  Don't know the actual composition of the Ronals, but they sure weigh alot.

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One problem with bent rims is that B5 S4 cars recomended 205/55/16  
tires ,whcih have a relatively low load rating. 215/55-16 is better. I  
have 225/55-16 on my S6, with Ronals (R28) and have no problems. I bent  
5 rims using 205/55-16 size (on S4).  Not ronals BTW.

On May 4, 2007, at 11:37 PM, Bob Gregory wrote:

> Chose HTR+ based on AS versus Summer designation, as well as  
> recommendations on this list and other forums specifically for my car  
> (B5 S4).  Plus, to my eye, HTR+ looks way "kewler" than Z-IIs.
> Re: Ronals, I have six 16-in R-28s, 5 of them bent while shod with  
> Nokian NRWs (w/ no damage to tires).  That was an expensive mistake!   
> What's the latest price per pound for recycled aluminum alloy?
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> On May 4, 2007, at 5:21 PM, Bob Gregory wrote:
>> Based on input from the List, bought, mounted and driving on
>> Sumitomo HTR+ in OEM size 225-45-17 ($79 at Tire Rack).  Have made
>> it 4 days without sidewall bubbles :-).  To ensure that no damage
>> will occur, purchased road hazard warranty for ~$35.  I'm set now.
> Why did you go for the HTR+ instead of the HTRZ-2?  I had the
> HTRZ-2's on my car, until I bent a THIRD #$@!ing POS ronal wheel.
> Brett
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