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David Torrey davidtorrey2004 at yahoo.com
Sat May 12 22:40:18 EDT 2007

On the 1993 model year there is no dipstick.  One is
available from the dealer for about $20.00.  It's
about two feet long.  The fill tube is in the engine
compartment with an orange cap.  This is where the
dipstick also goes.  I am not sure if the 1994 model
is the same way.  I still can't believe that Audi
built this car without a dipstick!!!


--- Kent McLean <kentmclean at comcast.net> wrote:

> I'm trying to check the automatic transmission fluid
> level on my '94 100 S
> Avant, V6 FWD automatic Avant.  The owner's manual
> is no help -- it says
> it requires special tools, and to take it to the
> dealer.
> My generic knowledge says to drive the car to bring
> the engine temp up to
> normal operating temperature, park it on a level
> surface, keep the engine
> running, then remove the dip stick, wipe it clean,
> insert it fully, then
> remove it to check that it is between the "full" and
> "low" marks.
> The "dip stick" on my Audi is about 2-inches long,
> with about 1/2-inch
> between unlabeled marks.  The fluid level would be
> at the top of a long
> tube that leads down to the transmission, so I
> assume my generic knowledge
> is wrong for the Audi V6.
> Googling finds this on the Blau web site:
> The tail end of its directions say to remove the
> fill plug on the side
> of the transmission, and use a pump to fill the
> transmission to the
> level of the plug.
> It can't be that stupid/difficult, can it? If it is,
> what the heck is
> the automatic transmission plug at the rear of the
> engine compartment for?
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