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Charlie Smith charlie at
Sun May 13 11:49:49 EDT 2007

Are there people who still need the Family Album V7, the install
software, and the instructions?

If so, everything you need is online for a little bit longer.
I'm probably going to take it offline about the end of the month.
Once it's offline, I probably won't put it back online.

To get everything you need, start in the directory on your machine
where you want everything to show up.  

You probably need about 6 gigabytes of free space to download and install
this latest version of the Family Album.  After the install is completed
you can free up about 4 gigabytes of that.  Here's how that 6 gigabytes 
breaks down:

    The download is about 1.3 gigabytes in size.
    Installing Zip_Genius and MagicISO takes several hundred megabytes.
    Using Zip_Genius to unpack the 1.2 Gb .rar file results in a 2 Gb 
      DVD .iso image file.
    Using MagicISO, installing the 2 Gb .iso image will create the
      Family Album files which I guess will take over 2 gigabytes
      of space.  This does not have to be on the same disk as the
      other stuff.
    After the install, the 1.3 gigabyte downloaded data can be deleted.
    You can also delete the 2 gigabyte DVD .iso image.  If you are tight
    on space and have a DVD burner, you can burn the .iso image onto 
    a DVD.  This will let you delete all the above stuff and then install
    the Family Albun V7 from the DVD.

    Here's how to get everything:

      ftp -i
      login: anonymous
      password:  {your email address}

      cd audi
      cd FAv7 
      mget *

    Start with the README file, and go from there.

    - Charlie

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