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Every time I have had a problem on ebay they did nothing. hey have no 
(financial) reason to do anything.
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> Best advise: Forget about it.  eBay will do absolutely NOTHING.  I know
> people who were ripped off etc. and eBay did less than nothing for them,
> so in your case, since you haven't put up a deposit or anything, just
> about every state will allow sellers remorse and you're SOL.
> This happened to me with a bedroom set I bought through the want ads
> once, when the seller found a buyer that would pay 3 times what I had
> paid, he tried to slime out of the deal, BUT, in this case he had my
> deposit and I had a receipt.  Took him to court and he had to give up the
> goods and my court costs.
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> "Steve Rosen" <srosen at STARXRAY.COM> writes:
>> I won an auction last night for an item that had no reserve. I
>> received a
>> letter today from the seller saying my bid was below his asking
>> price and
>> the item is not sold. This was a 10 day auction and the seller had
>> plenty of
>> time to check on the bidding and remove or change the terms. He
>> probably
>> made a mistake but hey... Item in question qas for a boat. My
>> winning bid
>> was 6,700. The boat is probably worth more than that but very hard
>> to say.
>> In any case what good is ebay if you can't get a good price and
>> people sell
>> things any prices that are low for many reasons. I bidded and won in
>> good
>> faith.
>> I sent a letter to ebay today about this but if anyone here has an
>> opinion
>> I'd like to hear it. Do I have any real recourse here? Payment has
>> not been
>> paid. I haven't written to the guy yet.
>> Steve
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