Going to Carlisle? The truth is...

Wayne Reser popflyz at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 23:50:49 EDT 2007

...I was just there.  I picked-up a CGT I bought in Harrisburg at the end of March and drove past the place coming and going.  It was a bit of a gamble driving an unknown car 8 hours back to Dayton, OH. but it made the trip handily with only a couple minor surprises.  Still, I don't want to reprise that journey in that car just yet, and my other driveable Coupe is a visual nightmare at the moment.  
  Oh well, with a little luck, I'll see you all in 2008!
  Have a great time!
  87 Coupe GT SB Anthracite Black
  87 Coupe GT SB Tornado Red
  86 Coupe GT CE 

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Who's going to Carlisle?


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