Any interest for the door rings decals ?

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Thu May 17 22:03:43 EDT 2007

Since my car is going to the paint shop this summer, I need a set of the
black door rings. On lister offered me some, but to commission a
reproduction run, he needs a minimum pre-ordered. As per the
non-auto-promotion rule, he doesn't want to ask the list himself, which is a
noble intention. Since I am only a potential customer, this doesn't apply to
me. I have asked him 2 sets, and I can jump for a couple more, if this helps
him to meet his minimal order number. But the minimum is somewhat higher
than four.

Anyone is interested ? They can come in black or silver, they are great on
an urQuattro (doh !) but also on any Audi of that vintage. Price was/is very
reasonable, and they should be available very soon, if demand is sufficient.

If you are interested, please ask directly at mike at . 

1983 urQuattro

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