Fuel Line Replacement

Richard J Lebens rick-l at rocketmail.com
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I was just wondering.

Do auto companies use SAE J527 brazed double wall low-carbon steel tubing for fuel lines? 

I think this is used for brake lines but am not sure.  It says this is intended for general automotive, refrigeration, hydraulic, and other similar applications requiring tubing for bending, flaring, beading, forming, and brazing.  It also says its yield strength is 24,000 psi - 170 MPa. 
Since it is a spiral wound on itself and then brazed with a copper nickel coating I would think it would be corrosion resistant.
This is what size it comes in.

Dash Size  OD mm 
2     3.18
3     4.76
4     6.35
5     7.94
6     9.53
7     11.11
8     12.70
9     14.29
10     15.88

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Thanks, David
  I didn't see in the McMaster-Carr specs for 8mm stainless tubing where it could be flared.  Their spec for 5/16 zinc-plated steel said it could be flared.
  Anyone familiar with flaring stainless tubing for fuel lines?

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  I just ordered some 304ss tubing in a larger size for a different
application, I didn't look for this particular size but try 


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I want to replace the fuel lines on my 200q20v. Already used the
high-pressure injection hose type patch. Now I want to do a "real"
replacement with a good hard line. I can't seem to find a source for
stainless or for the OEM "nonrust" types in metric sizes. Anyone done
this? Got sources? Suggestions?
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