Coupe Quattro Stereo Wiring

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There is a fair amount of room on the right side kind of through the
firewall  to the right of the fuse box.. the problem is that can also
lead to leaks if you don't get it sealed up well.  It is down where the
inner fender wall and the cross panel meet.. just below the windshield.

01 A6Q
90 CQ

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I am adding a power AMP to my '90 Coupe Quattro and the amp will need
size + wire (10 Guage is what I am installing) to the battery.  Battery
ultimately be moved to the trunk for AAN engine install, but for now
like to route to existing battery, but not good access through the
When I install the battery in the trunk I will need to run a #2 or 0
somehow, but this will be easier to do when the engine is out.


So wondering if any other good places to tap into with the #10 wire -
fuse box
is easy to get to, but did not see a spare connector, but may be there
if I
pull the box out.  I know on some other cars there is usually one spare
spade connector good for 40 AMP.


Or is there a good place to route through tre firewall that I am not
and can get too without too much trouble.  Any BTDT?


The AMP will likely go in the trunk with the Subwoofer, as there is not
room under the seat(would be nice) and even if I made a cutout, the
cooling is
not good under the seat.  Any hidden areas behind panels?  Amp is about
9" X
12" Kenwood with Front, Rear and Center channels.







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