[s-cars] Coupe Quattro Stereo Wiring

cody at 5000tq.com cody at 5000tq.com
Thu May 24 12:31:20 EDT 2007

Quoting Ben Swann <benswann at comcast.net>:

> So for now I will route power to the battery from a lead on the fuse box -
> should not be significant load as the batterys will balance each other out.
> When I setup for primary batter in the trunk, the 00 or -2 cable will go from
> battery post stantion on firewall and route through a grommet I can't get at
> easily until the engine is remover.  Then there will be a dual feed to the
> load center fusebox.
> Thanks for the helpful replies from all.  Any further suggestions are
> certainly welcome.


Those are really good for going through panels. A gromet could be cut  
through with vibrations, but these mount solid. Plus they provide a  
nice place to tap in for power.


You can see I used two here (first pic only shows one, second pic they  
are all the way back on the 2nd firewall just below the windscreen),  
one was constant battery power and the other was switched with  
ignition. It was really nice to be able to just tap right in whever  

-Cody Forbes

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