Cost of '96 A6 Quattro engine

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Thu May 24 14:13:00 EDT 2007

Thanks for the response. I was considering calling Force 5 actually. I had
already checked the site to see if anything was listed there, but didn't
find what I was looking for, and figured calling would be the best bet.

I'm actually thinking the noise I hear is just the lifters, so I'm hoping it
will be able to be adjusted or repaired without too much trouble and
expense, versus doing a total rebuild or motor swap. I just wanted to weigh
all the options before I went further. The TT idea was just a consideration
in case I end up needing a motor swap, and decide to dump my race car budget
into the Audi instead (preparing to build a bmw track car, but thought I
might put it on hold and dump it all into the Audi instead). 

I may just take the car over to one of the local Euro shops and let them
check it out and tell me what needs to be done, and see if it can be fixed
without costing me an arm and a leg, in which case I can still start my
track car project.


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You can try or contact Chris at Force 5 Auto - he might be 
able to give you a $ figure off the top of his head.
Steve Sears
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