Changing the coolant in a 5k is a pita plus long rant

Cody Forbes cody at
Thu May 24 18:59:12 EDT 2007

cobram at wrote:
> Suggestions and comments on this thread are all good ideas.  Now that
> it's summer, just fill with water, drive around with windows open and
> heater on, dump water and keep doing this until what you get out is
> pretty much clean water.  Then run a flush through, and do the same
> thing until you're sure all the flush is gone and you're back to
> "pure" H2O. Dump from bottom rad hose and fill with 100% good ole
> green, should take about a gallon.  The block and nooks and crannies
> hold about half the coolant, even with the bottom hose off.

Wy not use the electric coolant pump? Disconnect the input hose, run a line
to a bucket of water (pure or otherwise as you see fit) and connect it to
the pump inlet, then the hose from the engine that used to be connected to
the pump run to another bucket. You could just watch the clarity and do it
in one sitting, unless I'm totally off base and the flow isn't right.

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