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Bill Shaw at
Fri May 25 08:27:36 EDT 2007

Yep,  that got it off.  Both the green plastic sliders were broken where 
they hold the ferrule so the cable was just slipping through.  A little 
JB Weld and it *should* be good as new.  Slick design is right.  4 bolts 
and I could take the whole mess over to the bench and work on it.  
Thanks Kyle,


Kyle Ledford wrote:
> If its like my 01 you should once you remove those just be able to lift
> up on the panel...  It is pretty slick... eve fixing the power windows
> on the 01 is not bad because the whole frame comes out around the
> window...  glass and all...    one big piece... There is a good write up
> on it at AudiWorld...  
> Kyle
> 01 A6Q
> 90 CQ
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> How do I get the door panel off the front passenger's side door on a '99
> A6QA?  I have a window that won't go up or down and I need to get in 
> there to fix it.  I found 2 phillips head screws,  one in the forward 
> jamb and one in the rearward jamb but don't see anything else holding it
> on. 
> Please copy me directly in any responses,  I'm in digest mode.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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