Fuel pump inter-compatibility?

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Fri May 25 09:34:37 EDT 2007

You can use a 4000 Q or CGT pump, but I'd go with the later higher flow one
from NG equipped 87.5 CGT or Model 80 (even the 4 cyl CIS-E ones have this
pump) which might be even easier to find.  Will be a direct replacement, but
will need to adapt to a larger inlet hose.  Worth doing and will facilitate
future fuel mods without wrecking your present mixture setup.  BTDT on several
cars, both stock and modified.  Make sure you have a pre-filter on prior to
pump (suction-side).  I have seen several without this and ofter leads to
premature pump failure including failure of new pumps.  Trap the crap before
it gets to the pump!  Leave the micron size particles for the big filter.




[Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 22:11:54 +0000

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Subject: [urq] Fuel pump inter-compatibility?

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I'd like to try a stock-spec urq fuel pump to see if the uprated one I'm using
is causing my perennial rich-idle issue. A cheapy junkyard one would work best
for testing purposes, since I'm not sure that's where the problem is and a
brand new one is 200 bones.


Obviously, the junkyards aren't brimming with urqs; anybody know a compatible
external-type unit from another car I could try? Coupe? 4k? Early 5k? VW





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