Cat-back mufflers

cobram at cobram at
Mon May 28 20:36:13 EDT 2007

I just fixed the rear muffler on the 1990 200TQA last week.  This is the
third or 4th time I've cut/welded pipe to the original muffler.  The
original muffler is a stainless steel work of art (and probably costs as
much as a Seurat for OEM) and still looks like new after 17 New England

I've removed the center muffler in the '88 90Q with little detriment to
sound...actually sounds much better under acceleration.  

Running without the rear muffler might be a bit louder than you'd want,
but it's only loud on acceleration, you barely notice anything at idle. 
I drove around without anything past the center muffler (that's where it
separated, right over the axle) for the last few months, and I kind of
miss the sound now that I fixed it.

Don't know anyone in NH, but if you don't find someone, let me know, I
have a guy in the Boston area that I can recommend.

We come into the world naked, screaming and covered in blood. Why should
the fun end there?

 Kent McLean <kentmclean at> writes:

> My '91 200 Avants (both #1 and #2) need center and rear mufflers.
> Looking to minimize the hit to the wallet, I have a few questions:
> * Can I replace just the rear (or center) muffler, and put a pipe in 
> place of the center (rear) muffler? Will it reduce noise enough to be 
> "normal"?
> * I'm thinking this isn't something I want to tackle myself. Can 
> anyone
>   recommend a muffler shop in the Concord/Manchester NH area? One 
> that will replace 2 mufflers with one?

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