Drive Shaft Bearing Removal

Vittorio Bares Vittorio.Bares at
Tue May 29 10:08:30 EDT 2007



Yesterday was spent preparing the 4ktq for a tranny transplant. As I
moved through the step for removing the component, I found the center
driveshaft bearing (the one in the middle of the main front-to-rear
drive shaft) was toast - seemed simple enough to remove the entire
driveshaft and replace that as well.


It appears that there are 2 13mm bolts, with square nuts that are
contained in *slots* that seem to be designed to allow the entire
bearing to be moved back and forth, while also *holding* the square nuts
so that they do not spin while tightening/loosening. Unfortunately, mine
spin - and I don't see a good way of preventing them from doing that. 


The brackets they are contained in are spot welded to the body - I'd
like to fix the problem - hopefully without cutting the brackets out,
re-fabbing and probably bolting back in, rather than welding.






Vittorio -

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