Another fun turn gets straightened.

Wayne Reser popflyz at
Thu May 31 00:37:33 EDT 2007

It was bound to happen, but it still depresses me to see the heavy equipment tearing-up the only S-turn (90* x 2) close to my neighborhood.  
  It was best approached from the north where you had a good view of the entire turn and about 1/8th of a mile of roadway that followed it.  The first 90 degrees was a hard right with a banked pavement.  To the inside was a slight swale for drainage and a few shrubs and trees behind.  Across the road, where inertia wanted you to go, was nothing but flat ground and grass. Signage called for 20 mph but my red Coupe liked it better close to 50.  What a carry the road's normal limit right through the turn without even making the tires squeal!  The next 90* turn was a flat sweeper in comparison.  Despite this, it was more confined due to a guard rail and a tree and therefore wasn't nearly as fast or fun.
  Coming back the other way was still enjoyable but only about 80% as thrilling.
  I will miss that turn.  
  Not only because of the fun factor, but because I wanted to use it and my Coupe to recreate an Audi promotional picture taken of a red 86 Coupe on a nearly identical turn.
  The search for a new turn begins!
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