Corroded NG engine-to-heater pipe

Huw Powell audi at
Thu May 31 01:42:52 EDT 2007

> Bingo!  The ~40cm pipe snakes its way from the temp sensor flange
> back to the heater control valve.  It has rubber hose on each end and
> the bolt securing the mount was beneath the tube near the back of the
> engine.   The bolt was farther back and down from where I expected a
> connection to be and it would have been easier/quicker to see if I
> had an inspection mirror handy!   Gotta get one!


> Looks the same as part 034 121 071 for the KX engine (and others) but
> even that one is NLA!  I might make a trip to the dealership to see
> what they say.

Most of them have survived - you might check with friends who have parts 
cars, Force Five, etc. to scrounge a decent used one.  The one on my 
coupe is yellow...

Huw Powell

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