Steel Braided Brake Lines

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What about covering them       with plastic tubing, like heat shrink? Won't
look as cool, but you could       probably get it completely sealed, esp. with
a little silicone at the       ends. Pretty sure you can get clear heat shrink
at a good electrical       supply shop.


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> It's the rally       car...lots of sand/grit involved. Most everyone uses SS
>lines in the woods. Never       heard of the trapped grit issue. Doesn't mean
>it doesn't exist - just       never heard of it.
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>My recommendation? Unless       it is a dedicated track car and you are
>willing to change them       out seasonally...don't use them. The braided
>cover traps grit and sand       which then chafes/erodes the underlying rubber
>line. And with the       covering, you have no way to SEE what condition they
>are in....until it's too       late and you blow a line in mid brake.
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>> Any recommendations for       sourcing these (4ktq) ?
>> I've seen varying       prices from $22 per, to $50 per...
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