Extreme Rant Warning - Ethics of selling cars, or...

Wayne Reser popflyz at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 11:45:29 PST 2007

When does someone's personal word = 0?

A Q-lister just stiffed my son.  A verbal agreement to buy his CGT apparently meant nothing as he stiffed a 16 year-old who was attempting to buy his first car.  Was it that someone offered him more that what he asked?  I'll never know because he didn't give me the courtesy of a call or an email to make a counter offer.  

Its exceptionally disappointing that this had to happen at the hands of someone who purports to be an enthusiast and who expressed satisfaction that the car would go to a father-son enthusiast team.

I apologize to the Q-List community for the behavior of this rat-b**terd and my need to vent in this manner.  

My rant is over.  I have to go break some bad news...

Wayne Reser
1987 Coupe GT SB Tornado Red
1987 Coupe GT SB Anthracite Black

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